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  • Analysis of your home or business environment

  • Testing to suit your requirements

  • Use of prevailing industry trends and equipment

  • Consultation and explanation of all test results

  • Solution oriented plan for mold remediation and green remodeling counsel

  • Our company regularly participates in continuous education in the industry
    to help our clients have the best consulting or testing outcome possible

Customers Speak Up!


"My sister-in-law used Shaylee first and recommended her to us when we were having issues in our home. We worked with Shaylee to identify and understand the environmental and health impacts of the paint and carpeting in our newly rehabbed home.  She provided an excellent and thorough overview of the test results and the multiple steps we could take to take action and remedy the identified toxic elements.  She also directed us to good sources for the materials and services that would best aid us in taking those steps. We are so grateful for her good work and would recommend her to all our friends and family!"

- Pam Johnson, St. Paul, MN


"Shaylee was very prompt and professional. She was very accommodating with our schedule and provided all services in a manner that inspired confidence. Her suggestions were sound and informative. I would highly recommend her for any needs you may have."
- Christopher A. Bailey, Hudson, WI

"I was very impressed with Shaylee's work. She was very knowledgeable and interested in what she is doing."
- Bob F., Loretto, MN

"Shaylee is a dedicated, knowledgeable healthy building consultant who has demonstrated a willingness to learn her craft well and provide the best possible services to her clients.  She goes the extra mile. 
I highly recommend her!"  
- Oram Miller, Building Biologist, LA California

"I'm in the field of holistic medicine which looks at the environment as one of the causative factors for health issues.  Shaylee provides an expert understanding of the electrical and magnetic influences in the built environment.  She provided simple techniques that have definitely helped my sleep.  I appreciate her knowledge and supportive attitude."
- Dr. Larry Caldwell, D.O.M., L.Ac. Eden Prairie, MN

"If you desire to create a healthy living environment, Shaylee is a wonderful resource!  We worked with her to improve the indoor air quality in our home.  She provided a comprehensive look into creating a healthier environment.  Shaylee is very knowledgeable and has been an ongoing resource for us for green building products and providers."
- Ellen A., St. Louis Park, MN

"She's extremely thorough, very helpful in answering all my questions. She even gave me a list for things I could do so not have any problems down the road. She was helpful and good at communicating everything with me."
- Bev Free, Minneapolis, MN

“The energy in my house is so much calmer now, and I sleep so much better too, since Eco Shaylee LLC came to my house for EMF work.  My cat, who hardly ever slept on my bed, immediately jumped on my bed before Shaylee even left and he now sleeps there almost full time!  I highly recommend Shaylee, she really knows her stuff!”
- Dirk F., St. Paul, MN


"I suffered from tiredness, falling asleep readily – in classrooms, concerts, even driving. My friend used Shaylee and got great relief.  Her testing was thorough and efficient and I felt very pampered!  I followed her advice, and the next morning I was completely amazed at the difference!  I felt clearer than I have felt since I don't know when!  I could do a whole day’s work with no nap!”
- Satail Tailin, Minneapolis, MN

“I wasn’t getting restful sleep at night.  I was suffering from sleep apnea and found I felt anxious when I laid in bed, so it took me longer to fall asleep.  I woke up with headaches every morning.  


I heard about people being sensitive to electricity, but I hadn't really thought that I was.  The doctor put me on prescription drugs to help with sleep issues and headaches.  Then I woke up groggy and still not feeling rested.  I heard about Shaylee's services and thought, "What have I got to lose?" 


Shaylee’s work showed me how the electrical current was running through my bedroom.  Her meters showed me the EMF levels. Following her suggestions made the jittery nervousness in my body stop. I was really surprised at how unaware I was of the jitteriness I felt inside prior to that. And I was surprised at how quiet the room got.  


I followed her recommendations and I can tell you it changed my life!  I wake up feeling more refreshed, and I am also headache-free!  


I highly recommend Shaylee's services! You have no idea how electricity may be impacting you unless you find out for yourself. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who are unaware of it, suffer silently and needlessly, and probably do nothing to change it because they don't know they can.”
- Lynn Young, Author, Teacher and Minister, Minnetonka, MN

Our Approach

We leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client. We customize our approach to your situation to make sure you get the personal attention to detail you deserve.  

This work culminates in our major deliverable, our Vision Statement:


Eco Shaylee LLC's vision, is to provide healthy, sustainable ideas, solutions and services to help individuals and the planet maintain or regain health and balance, in an eco-friendly way.

Get to know the company that's committed to the environment and your IAQ health!


About Shaylee


As a Professional Eco Specialist and Building Biologist, Sharon "Shaylee" Oleson is well versed in many areas of the green sector.  Her training includes the International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology, Asbestos Inspector, GreenStar Trained Professional (formerly the MN GreenStar program) and the MN State University Mankato’s Sustainable & Energy Efficient Building program, as well as Radon Mitigation.  She is also sits as a committee member on the Technical Committee of  the (MN) GreenStar program.


Shaylee has been featured in the Parade of Homes Magazine, Builder News Magazine, Green and Save.com, The Edge newspaper, MN Women's Press, guest blogger for MommyBlogExpert and she's spoken at the nationally renowned WI MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Assoc.) Fair in Custer, Mother Earth News Fair in KS, Coldwell Banker, Living Green Expo, Life Lines Unlimited II, Century College, Patrick Henry High School and various other groups and schools.  She gives continuing education seminars and is available for speaking engagements.

To schedule Shaylee for your next event, please contact our office at:



How she got here

A number of years ago, Shaylee found herself being more and more sensitive to the environment.  After much research, and no help from conventional doctors, she realized she had Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or MCS.  Now she could find an answer.


After being downsized from a mundane job one day, she knew this was her chance to find her passion and make a living at it.  That's when she learned about Building Biology and it's focus on health through the 'built environment'.  This tied into her quest to be healthy, help other people and the environment too.  Green Home Inspections & Remediation was born in the spring of 2005.  In early 2010, the company re-branded as Eco Shaylee LLC, to reflect her expanded services and evolution in the green market place.


Today, we are happy to report that Shaylee enjoys good health again and is able to be a consultant for those going through the same struggles she once had.  This experience has made her very empathetic and effective at what she does.

Quotes from Google

Very thorough and professional inspection of my home. Shaylee was patient, respectful and responsive to my questions and concerns. I am 100% confident as to how I will proceed to remedy the issues she uncovered.
Thank you, Shaylee!

- Karbo Karbo

She is very knowledgeable and was easy to work with. She helped us identify a very bad chemical coming from our windows (via testing) so we were able to return them and move on to replacement and less toxic exposure. Thank you Shaylee!

- Heidi and Dan Niziolek

We completed a home renovation and Shaylee worked with us to make sure our home was free from lingering hazards. Her customer service and knowledge are great. She went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have their home inspected for any hazards.

- Scott Beglinger

I recently had EMF work done at my house along with mold testing. I was very impressed with her knowledge, thoroughness and it was evident that she truly cares. I would recommend her.

- Sorrina Beaumont

Shaylee was absolutely wonderful! Honestly some of the best customer service we have ever had. We had a mold problem in our basement and with two kids, we were really worried about how bad everything was and how to handle it. Shaylee was knowledgeable, comforting and really helped put us at ease and talked us through how best to handle the situation. She even lent us her own personal air filter to borrow, to make sure our air was good to go after we removed the mold. We are so grateful and it is really wonderful to come across and work with a person who cares so deeply about their work. She truly wants to help. If you have air or mold concerns, I 100% recommend shaylee! She is the best!!!

- Brittany White

Shaylee was very knowledgeable and found all the issues through her thorough testing. Very pleased with her services and would recommend her highly.

- Terry McCabe

Quotes from Angie's List

Eco Shaylee LLC is a wonderful company. She does the job efficiently and professionally. She has a 
wealth of knowledge about what makes conditions favorable for mold growth. She can explain what 
you can do to not make your environment so inviting for mold.

- Jason Shiggs

Shaylee was extremely thorough and was able to provide us with tons of helpful information.

- Amy Stenehjem Kelsch

Shaylee did a great job analyzing the issue and recommending products which were able to 
neutralize the smell. This was important as it is a yoga studio and clean air is important. She is 
professional, knows her business, and I recommend her with confidence. She did a great job for me.

- Ashrai Laroche

Our experience with Shaylee was excellent and first rate. Shaylee is very knowledgeable, thorough and very helpful throughout the process. We had Shaylee evaluate the air quality in our home including some air sample tests. The entire process was smooth and Shaylee was always very responsive. From the first point of contact it was very apparent that Shaylee is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about her field of work and was always willing to explain the what and why of what she was doing.

- Brett Anderson

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