The Melatonin Connection

June 10, 2015

Melatonin, a hormone which is secreted from the pineal gland at night when we sleep, is responsible for getting the body into the deep Stage 4 sleep where dreams occur and where our bodies go into the repair mode from the onslaught we put upon it during the day.  Getting into this deep Stage 4 sleep mode keeps our immune system healthy and strong.

In developed countries like the U.S., everywhere you go, you are exposed to electric and magnetic fields, WiFi and cell phone signals and more.  These fields are all part of the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Spectrum ranging from Radio Waves to Gamma Rays.  The electric fields that are constantly being emitted from the wiring behind the walls in your home, and from things plugged into outlets whether they are turned on or off, run on a 60 Hz (hertz) cycle.  The earth and our bodies cycle at 8 Hz.  Biologically speaking, we have not caught up to 60 Hz in our evolution, and technology has surpassed us creating stress on the body.  Cell phones, WiFi and the like, vibrate at even higher frequencies.
          If you have ever been out in the woods, away from everything, so far out that you cannot get a cell phone signal, and are miles from high power lines, you tend to feel more relaxed and at ease.  You think it is all because you are in nature, at your cabin, or in a beautiful remote place away from people and daily pressures.  That may all help, but your body is relaxing because it has stopped being bombarded by WiFi and cell phone signals, electric and magnetic fields, and radio frequencies, to name a few.  Your body is really getting back to nature and into a natural rhythm with the earth.  People in 3rd world countries without electricity tend to sleep better at night than people in developed countries because there is less man-made stress in the environment and on their body.
         Research on melatonin points to electromagnetic fields as a culprit that suppresses its production at night.  This keeps you from getting meaningful Stage 4 sleep where your body can repair itself and do some good.

         Here is an excerpt from: ‘The Journal of Pineal Research’ 9:259-269 (1990) -

In the circulation, melatonin acts to suppress the function of several other endocrine glands, including the gonads. Melatonin also suppresses the growth of certain cancers in both in vitro and in vivo models [Blask, 1990]. Reduction in melatonin secretion has been associated with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers [Sanchez Barceló et al., 1988] and prostate adenocarcinoma [Buzzell et al., 1988]. Stevens [1987] proposed that, should there be increased cancer risk from ELF (electromagnetic-field) exposure; such risk may be a consequence of altered pineal gland function.

Within 3 days after cessation of ELF (electric-field exposure), however, strong pineal melatonin rhythms were reestablished. This effect appeared to be an "all-or-none" response to electric fields between approximately 2 and 13u kV/m [Wilson et al., 1986].
ELF Fields and Human pineal Gland Function Indeed, an accumulating body of data suggests that ELF electric and magnetic field exposure can affect circadian rhythms and pineal function in different species.

         Do you remember my first article on the Rain Barrel Theory?  In short, your body is like a rain barrel, filling up year after year with toxins from the environment.  Your body stores them in your fat cells until your barrel is full, causing you to display symptoms of illness.  So the connection of Melatonin, EMFs, and your Rain Barrel is this:
  •    Lack of melatonin created by electromagnetic fields suppresses the immune system by keeping the body from getting into Stage 4 sleep
  •    Your rain barrel (body) is accumulating toxins every day from the environment and storing them in your fat cells
  •    A suppressed immune system cannot fight off the toxins it encounters, allowing the barrel to overflow and show up as health issues
        It's like a double whammy to stay at your optimal health when these things collide.  Unfortunately, this is what's happening to the vast majority of people all at the same time - lack of Melatonin production from high EMFs in their environment, and a filling rain barrel.  Few people ever realize what is creating their health issues, or make these connections.

         The GOOD NEWS is, electric and magnetic fields can be reduced or eliminated in your space by a trained Building Biologist.  To check your living space for these fields, simply call Eco Shaylee LLC - we can help!

Other sites on ELF/EMF-Melatonin research:

About Eco Shaylee LLC:


  "Shaylee" Sharon Oleson, owner of Eco Shaylee LLC is pioneering healthy eco-living through the built environment.

  With a formal background from the International Bau-Biologie & Ecology Institute, Sustainable & Energy Efficient Buildings program, Radon Mitigation and as a MN GreenStar Professional and committee member, Shaylee is dedicated to helping people overcome health issues caused by poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues and elevated Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).  She suffered with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) for many years and also had gluten and dairy intolerance.  Doctors she saw either didn't know what was wrong, or thought it was all in her head.  When she found out about 'Bau-Biologie & Ecologie' (Building Biology), she knew what her life's mission would be.  Her long term goal is to help the planet by preventing Rain Forest destruction and creating sustainable revenues from the forests, to help its inhabitants and the earth at large. 

         Shaylee has been published in the Mpls. Parade of Homes Magazine, written numerous online and newspaper articles (, been a guest speaker at the WI Midwest Renewable Energy Association (WI MREA), the Living Green Expo, Coldwell Banker, Century College, the MN State Fair and other venues.  This year she is honored to be speaking at the Mother Earth News Fair in Lawrence KS, in October.  

         She also enjoys spending time with her two dogs Xena and Cooper.  She is an avid nature and animal lover and former professional photographer, who still loves to photograph nature and of course, lots of pictures of her two dogs!


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The Melatonin Connection

June 10, 2015

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